Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garbage Day

The hairy one and Oscar skirted down the back of Watershed Heights and ran to the back of the diner where they found themselves in the midst of a near riot late in the night, almost morning. The townsfolk had all succumbed to the tantalizing smell of the pie, just as Oscar had. "This is futile," Oscar said. "Yes, the pie has sparked a hunger in me, but I know that this simple pastry cannot satisfy my need. It was nice to meet you strange sir," the beast replied, and then he was gone to rest after the late night. Once he was out of sight, Oscar lolled through the crowd. After a few minutes of torment among the flock, there was a great flash of light as the morning sun rose above the horizon and the power was restored to the town. He wandered around in a daze, looking to banish himself from the riot, all the pie-seekers screaming in their new-found blindness. Within a few steps, he was back out into to the back alley behind the Watershed Heights apartment building. Still stumbling around blindly, Oscar tripped wildly on a metal garbage can. As he fell flat on his face,  a pool of blood began spilling from the trash. As Oscar regained his sight, he dug into the trashcan and his hand touched a severed head, removed from the rest of a body. A closer look told Oscar that the head belonged to the late body of want to be white gangster, fully clad in FUBU apparel. It looked as if his wolf friend had struck in the flash of blinding light. "Where does this leave me now?" Oscar thought pensively. After a moment's worth of pondering, he pulled out his flask to take him back to an earlier time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

(/PIEntry #9////)

As Oscar's knuckle made its final knock on the door with the bald eagle, he found himself in darkness. "Am I going back home?" Oscar knew this wasn't the case because there was no swirling sensation pulling him back. Oscar stood motionless, listening in wait to the even more urgent, yet bodiless screams from within the door he could no longer see. Oscar moved his head in the direction he thought the window to be and saw only starlight and moonlight. It appeared that all the electricity had gone out in the building as well the whole community. He felt his way blindly towards the window at the end of the hall to get a better perspective. The feeble crawl made him feel so alone in the darkness. With his head out of the window, a strong scent of chocolate-pecan pie wafted into Oscar's nostrils. "This smells wonderful," he said as he climbed through the window and hopped down the fire escape in the direction of the only artificial source of light in town, towards the local diner. Before he could set his eyes straight once again, Oscar bumped into something rather hairy, and also in a hurry to discover the source of the scent. "Well, excuse me," the hairy being retorted. "Sorry," Oscar replied feebly, "do you smell that?" "I do, I am on the hunt to find it," replied the beast. "Well, if we have common motive and mission, why don't we work together? You look as if you have a good sense of smell about you."

Friday, March 25, 2011

Quite a Few at 3

As Oscar returned back to his curious room at Watershed Heights, he decided to have a nice lay down. His head had suddenly become heavier than an elephants left hoof. His encounter with the strange prostitute who had treated him so rudely, truly left his mind in a whirl. It also could have been to the fact that it was 3AM and he had been out committing his usual sins all night. As Oscar sat down on his bed, his mind rushed back to '36. He was still in a daze and his mind could not place his purpose in the present. After a few moments on strenuous pondering through the past, Oscar had made up his mind. His vice may have made this easier, but he came to the conclusion that it did not matter how he arrived to the current day and age. The real question was why it was snowing outside. Oscar's gaze shifted to the window where an unattractive mix of snow and ice was accumulating on his windowsill. At the same time as Oscar began to feel his thoughts slipping from him, he heard the shouts of an angered tenant down the hall. He would have not typically investigated, but since he was new to this place he figured he should assimilate the best he could, whilst having a looksee down the hall. As he entered the hallway, the direction of the sound came to Oscar from the last door on the right. Oscar approached the door and found a bald eagle knocker staring back at him, and he felt as if the shouts were coming from the eagle itself, but Oscar's wit told him otherwise. The pains of a veteran rang in his ears, as the eyes of the eagle burned through him.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Oscar burst through the decrepit front doors of the apartment building, ready to forget about why he was here and what the hell was really going on. However, to his dismay, rain began to drop in buckets all over him. His wonderful tuxedo was becoming ruined, but this was not of Oscar's concern because why the hell was he wearing a tux anyways. His outer coat began to drag as he stormed down the avenue searching. He stumbled past a breast-feeding woman who looked as if she had just degraded herself for nine hours. Oscar then remembered that he had no idea whatsoever where he was going, so he turned around and stared at the stripper. She stopped quickly, without turning to face him. His eyes burned into her and after what felt like an hour, the stripper turned around and screamed, "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!!" Her baby began to whimper and cry, while Oscar returned her a blank stare. "How did I get here," Oscar finally replied. "I don't know who you are, or why you are even asking me at all, can't you see I have a child. Hush now, April!" the stripper said. "Can I get the time," Oscar said, feeling way past uncomfortable from so much interaction. "7 o'clock," the stripper said, as she turned and rushed away from this freak who was obviously on something. With this, Oscar left down the street in the pouring rain as he saw bright flashing lights unlike he had ever seen before. Apparently an ambulance had arrived to the scene of an accident. Oscar passed by with not much more than a glance, and saw the sign for the liquor store, adjacent to where the stripper probably worked. With a swift pace through the aisles, Oscar grabbed a bottle of Volcanoe's Finest and approached the counter. When the clerk told him the price of $8.95, Oscar was shocked in his head at the extreme price, he scoured his wallet and arrived at a pitiful $4.50 in total. The clerk questioned him for more money, but stopped once he saw the condition of the bills and coins. "These have to be from the '30's, what are you trying to pull here, man?" Oscar shrugged and thought he might be in some kind of mess, and before the clerk could blink, Oscar rushed out of the store, bottle in hand, without looking back.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

2007- A Sousaphonic Pigg's Tale

A thin layer of smoke filled the apartment. Oscar's head was splitting with indescribable pain as if a rhino's horn was growing between his eyeballs. However, this was not the only pain Oscar was experiencing. Every single bone, muscle, and tendon in his body felt as if it had aged 71 years. Oscar then staggered to his feet, but when his eyes became level again, everything was different. The smoke had now cleared, but Oscar was left staring around what appeared to be his dim apartment, covered in a lugubrious layer of dust. Oscar felt a strange disconnection with the place and immediately sought his comfort object, the bottle. With each step, Oscar felt more and more out of place. He was then truly shocked when his liquor cabinet filled only with moth balls and a dead rat. He knew now something was wrong. Where had Jozef gone? What was going on with the apartment? To remedy his queries and his lack of alcohol, Oscar moved to the door. At his attempt to bring the door ajar, his arm nearly ripped clean off. The door eventually opened up after a rough jarring with all of his strength. What Oscar then came into was a world unlike what he ever remembered. Something happened with Jozef, and Oscar was determined to find out. He continued along the apartment building hallway, down the linoleum stairs and into the lobby. Oscar sauntered over to a newspaper stand in hope of some kind of revelation. The bold date of August 25th, 2007 stared blankly back at him from the corner of the newspaper. Oscar could not believe what he was seeing and desperately felt a sudden dry and putrid taste in his mouth. He was quickly distracted by the sound of a damned sousaphone echoing throughout the lobby. Oscar's head was so close to splitting from his voyage to the future that he almost went over to kill the idiot playing the sousaphone across the way, but then he remembered the awful taste in his mouth and went out of the apartment building in search of package.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


It was in this year that my brother returned. My last day began like anyother, with a cup of morning orange juice and Jack. As I sat and sipped, I contemplated where my existence was going anymore. All of my family had deserted me due to my chronic alcoholism, and I was forced to move away from them forever. Not once did I find a friend or family member who understood me for who I was, even before I began drinking. You know that kid who would be tied up in his mind while picking at woodchips at the far end of the playground? That wasn't exactly me. No mold could be quite cast for me. Like a conglomerate stone, I was walked on by many, underapreciated, but yet I could still blend in most places because I had a little bit of everything in me. This still holds true today. The Oscar Erstwhile from 1916 is the same in '36, befriending none, but never regarded enough to be disliked. But back to today. I did not believe that I would be melting Alaska on this day, but the arrival of my brother at my Watershed apartment on the 6th floor signaled a rip in the continuum. "Hello there, Oscar," was all Jozef greeted me with. Being myself, I did not invite him, even after such pleasantries. Of course, he shoved his way into my dim habitat, with no more than the greeting. It was not until after he finished my Juice and Jack that he began to speak again. "Still on this stuff, eh?" Jozef attempted. I nodded, but gave him no more than such, I was still in a bit of shock from seeing my brother after age 10. However, this was not the same Jozef that I knew from before. He was older, but not wiser. An angry look in his eye sounded alarms in my head, but he just went on to run through my apartment, without my protest, no matter how much I wanted to scream and tell him to leave. He returned back to me, standing in the living room, looking at me as if I was dumb. "Can you not speak to me Oscar? I sought you out because the family has not seen or heard from you in 10 whole years. Do you not think that this has been a burden for us? You never seemed to fit in with us, but you were family all the same," Jozef attempted once more, "SPEAK TO ME!!!" At this point the anger was flaring up as physical heat from his body, and he turned and pulled a knife from his hip, engraved with the words "Silver in Snow" in its hilt. As he rushed towards me, for one of the only times in my life, I felt fear. Fear that I might be at an end to what felt like an endless rambling of 1936 days. As the knife slashed through the air, I could no longer see my brother, only black, with a strong gust of wind pulling me forward into the gape.